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helping dentists enjoy more prosperous lives

Are you looking for a dental CPA / dental accountant?  If so, we encourage you to read on…

You are working your tail off: harder now than ever before!  You’re stressed out and feel as if your practice owns you instead of the other way around.  You lay awake at night knowing there must be a better way to manage your practice and it’s finances.  You worry if you run the risk of being ripped off by your staff and insurance companies you contract with.  Not to mention you feel punished by the government for your hard work with higher taxes!

We understand your frustrations and level of stress.  We know the complexities you are dealing with.  We help many dentists who were once in your position but are now enjoying more prosperous lives with less stress and more margin.

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You might be asking why you need an accountant/advisor who deals with dentists exclusively.  Fair question.  Put it this way: who is the best dentist to perform a root canal – a general or an endo?  Who typically handles kids with advanced dental problems?  The point is, each case is unique and requires certain experience, skills and specialization.  You need a trusted dental accountant who knows the industry – that’s us! Check out our service comparison chart for more details about why you need a dental CPA.

To learn more about how you could benefit from our services please connect with us today.

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Hey there!  You really want to know about us?  We are flattered!  It’s not every day someone reads about a dental CPA. (You must be a real killer at parties)

In 2012 we were adding another notch to our “years of service” in public accounting.  (In which we have over 20)  We noticed that our dental clients were struggling with crazy amounts of change in their businesses: shrinking margins, increased competition, and ever changing health care reform that seemed to get more complicated by the day.

Our dental clients needed help analyzing the financial health of their practices and assistance in moving to the future beyond just spitting out a set of financial statements every month, preparing income tax returns, and helping with their payroll.  We were left with a choice: abandon the “standard” CPA firm structure of serving lots of different industries and specialize or give our clients a lower level of service than they deserve.

We’ve never been the type to back away from a challenge.  And so, we abandoned the world we knew to bring true value to an industry that needs it.

Our goal as a dental cpa firm is to help you enjoy a more prosperous life.  We do this by giving you sound, proven, timely and personal advice.  We don’t believe in the cookie cutter approach to delivering superior results.  We use lots of fancy, new technology that helps you make better decisions, work less and earn more.  We aren’t your typical accounting firm.  We aren’t your typical practice management consultant.  We’re a new breed of service providers.

We’d like to serve you.  Please, connect with us today.

Our History


Spawned in the hell-fires of Motown…Ben has been serving dentists since 1999.  Having owned his own firm in Atlanta for many years, Ben decided it was time to focus and help dentists exclusively.  In 2012 The Dentist Accountant was born.  We were tired of trying to understand the unique dynamics to many industries.  We knew our dentists needed a different kind of service that brought together the best of accountants, practice management consultants and advisors.  This is our best attempt to humbly serve our clients putting their prosperity at the center of everything that we do.

Our Team

Ben Robinson, CPA Co-Founder

Ben Robinson

Dental CPA & Founder

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